Prestige and quality of work is what we are about. We like to present ourselves as game changers rather than players. From social Apps, to fully integrated software solutions, we make not-to break the craftsman code of keeping our craft a secret. Just like any industry, technology has its own internal factors of success, and at TechDime we do just that. With so much competition in the market, TechDime proved itself as one of the most reliable technology developers in the region.

With our own in-house developed digital brands we are proud to say that we own our technology. We use modern and out of the box project management approaches and we thrive to be the best in what we do. We are about technology, and technology is all about us.

To be revolutionary is to be different, and at TechDime we adopt a revolutionary approach which enables us to differentiate ourselves from others. That’s our vision, to be different by envisioning the future and to reach a stage where being different is the optimum achievement.

There is nothing like a launch to the stars, and with TechDime set back, fasten your seatbelts and launch! Because our mission is not only to explore what’s concerning our future, but also to discover how we can optimise the present. Technology is the key for all that. Is the mission complete? Yes it is! How do we know? Simple, been there, done that.


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